Notice to Customers

We are writing to make you aware of important changes in the type of products sold by Diamond Eye Manufacturing, Inc. (“Diamond Eye”). Some parts may have included exhaust system kits or hardware parts that EPA considers to be emission control delete hardware. In this letter, those kits or hardware parts are referred to as “Subject Parts.”

As you may already know, starting in 2021, Diamond Eye began suspending all manufacturing and sales of the Subject Parts. Diamond Eye did so because EPA alleged that the manufacture and sale of those Subject Parts violated the Clean Air Act’s prohibition against motor vehicle parts or components that might allow for bypassing, defeating or rendering inoperative any emissions control system or element of design on a vehicle. See 42 U.S.C. §7522(a)(3). Emissions control systems include the diesel particulate filter, exhaust gas recirculation system, catalysts, and onboard diagnostic system.

Diamond Eye recently entered into a civil administrative settlement with EPA to resolve issues regarding its manufacturing and sale of Subject Parts. Diamond Eye has not admitted liability for violating the Clean Air Act. As part of the settlement, Diamond Eye has agreed that, among other things, it will no longer (1) manufacture or sell the Subject Parts, or (2) provide technical support (e.g., telephone support, online/chat support, warranty support or honoring warranty claims) for the Subject Parts. Diamond Eye has also agreed to provide you with this notice, and to instruct all authorized dealers and customers to refuse to honor any warranty claims pertaining to any Subject Part and to refuse to supply any technical support or other information (including marketing materials) pertaining to the installation, manufacture, sale, use, or repair of any Subject Part. This notice provides that instruction.

Diamond Eye’s settlement with EPA does not restrict Diamond Eye’s continued manufacturing and sale of aftermarket automotive parts that are consistent with the Clean Air. Diamond Eye currently sells various such products; more information concerning them is available on Diamond Eye’s website,