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Are you passionate about automotive performance? Diamond Eye Performance is seeking a qualified candidate to join our Research and Development team!

[Research and Development]
R&D Technician 

Job Overview:

Design and test performance diesel and gas exhaust systems.
Responsibilities and Duties:

• Design and test performance exhaust systems on both gas and diesel applications.

• Continually make improvements to Diamond Eye products; recommend new ideas to make improvements in the research process.

• Develop and improve procedures in order to optimize manufacturing, performance results and design aspects.

• Hands-on fabrication and installation of exhaust components and systems.

• Keep accurate records; document all progress and findings including dimensional and bill of materials based information.

• Work directly with the Marketing department with new product.

• Maintain templates, jigs and process pages as needed for the manufacturing process.

• Process and document returns for defective product.

• Work directly with customers to trouble shoot Diamond Eye Products.

• Aid in managing supplies and material inventory

• Perform routine maintenance on Diamond Eye company vehicles.

Other responsibilities are not limited to working in varying positions throughout the manufacturing and warehouse facilities and will perform operations related to the manufacture and packaging of steel automotive exhaust parts. Band saws, grinders, welders, industrial washers, forklifts, tubing benders, and a variety of hand tools will be used on a daily basis.


• 3 years automotive experience

• Vehicle testing experience and Dynometer operations

• Able to manage multiple tasks at the same.

• Strong background or interest in mechanical and vehicle performance.

• Clean motor vehicle driving record

• Experience working with Microsoft Office software (excel, word, etc.)Experience in CAD software such as Solid works and V-Tube.

• Basic knowledge of 3d printers.

• Experience with metal fabrication equipment including welders, band saws, and grinders.

• Must be able to lift 50lbs.

• Good communication skills.

Questions please contact James Reeder
1800-635-9950 Ext.227